Outstanding FFA members recognized in Stars Over Kansas Pagean

FFA members were awarded the state’s top honors of Kansas FFA Star Farmer, Star in Ag Placement, and Star in Agribusiness during Friday’s final session of the 87th Kansas FFA Convention on the Kansas State University campus.

Each year, the Kansas FFA Association recognizes three FFA members who have the top Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs with the Star Farmer, Star in Agribusiness and Star in Agriculture Placement awards.

These awards were sponsored by ICM Inc., United Bank and Trust, Kansas Farm Bureau and the Pageant was sponsored by Farm Credit Associations of Kansas.

Star Farmer: Wyatt Harting, Norton FFA
Star in Ag Placement: Kord Curran, Girard FFA
Star in Agribusiness: Tate Tremblay, Hill City FFA

Star Farmer: Wyatt Harting, Norton FFA

A State Star Farmer has been recognized every year since 1957, and honors one member with an SAE in production agriculture.

Harting’s SAE is in Diversified Livestock Entrepreneurship and Beef Production Entrepreneurship. Beginning with his first bucket calf, Harting knew he wanted to expand his knowledge of the cattle industry. Currently, Harting’s SAE consists of seven crossbred cows and five heifers. Throughout his SAE he has purchased and fed out over 108 head of feeder calves. With his earnings, he has invested his money in feedlot construction.

Harting is the son of Chris and Mindy Harting. His advisor is Garrett Beydler.

Finalists in the Star Farmer Division are:
William Holland, Prairie View FFA
Matthew Bekemeyer, Washington FFA
Dean Klahr, Holton FFA
Wyatt Harting, Norton FFA
Phillip Underwood, Southeast FFA
Cameron Bradshaw, Hodgeman County FFA

Star in Ag Placement: Kord Curran, Girard FFA

The State Star in Ag Placement honors a member with an SAE program employed in an agricultural operation or business.

Curran’s SAE is in Beef Production Placement. Feeding, processing and maintaining cattle are some of Curran’s responsibilities at O’Brien Cattle Company Inc. In the future, he plans to provide agritourism and agricultural education opportunities for beef production. Becoming a successful businessman, a community leader and a beef industry leader are Curran’s long term goals.

Curran is the son of Joe and Kim Curran. His advisors are Joe Curran and Alan Boultinghouse.

Finalists in the Ag Placement Division are: 
Braden McGhee, Crest FFA
Milea Anderson, Chapman FFA
Rilee VanDonge, Holton FFA
Cassidy Hill, Centre FFA
Kord Curran, Girard FFA
David Nuss, Hodgeman County FFA

Star in Agribusiness: Tate Tremblay, Hill City FFA

The Star in Agribusiness, awarded every year since 1974 honors a member who manages his or her own agribusiness.

Tremblay’s SAE is in Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship. Tremblay’s love for hunting and the outdoors was the foundation of his SAE. He is actively involved with Freedom Hunters and Wounded Warriors, allowing him to guide and host disabled veterans on turkey, pheasant, duck, goose and deer hunts. Tremblay also assisted in founding Patriots of Praise, a Christian-based hunting experience for veterans and their families.

Tremblay is the son of Troy and Dana Tremblay. His advisor is Alexis Wingerson.

Finalists in the Ag Business Division are:
Reed Sage, Mission Valley FFA
Tate Tremblay, Hill City FFA

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