Proficiency Award Winners Announced

The proficiency award program recognizes students for exceptional accomplishments and excellence in a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program. This program allows students to set goals and gain real-world experience in a chosen area of the agriculture industry. For backdrop photos, please go to

The winners of the proficiency awards are as follows:

Agricultural Communications- Ryan Stewart, Washington County (sponsored by Kansas Farmer Magazine)

Agricultural Education- Jenna Thurman, Royal Valley (sponsored by the Larry Gossen Family and the Harm Bliss Family)

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication- Mitch Carpenter, Paola (sponsored by Abilene Machine)

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance- Placement- Cassandra Ebert, Rock Creek (sponsored by KanEquip)

Agricultural Processing- Craig Owens, Riverton (sponsored by Ag Processing, Inc.)

Agricultural Sales- Placement- Marilyn Crain, Columbus (sponsored by Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission)

Agricultural Services- Dawson Carlgren, Pike Valley (sponsored by Farm Credit Associations of Kansas)

Agriscience Research- Plant Systems- Chrisitan Tipton, Republic County (sponsored by a proud supporter of the FFA)

Beef Production Entrepreneurship- Hadley Schotte, Marysville (sponsored by Triangle H)

Beef Production Placement- Jackson Thayer, Prairie View (sponsored by McPherson County Feeders)

Dairy Production Entrepreneurship- Oliver Schmitz, Axtell (sponsored by Kansas Dairy Commission)

Dairy Production  Placement- Ryan Nelson, Washington County (sponsored by Kansas Dairy Commission)

Diversified Agricultural Production- Kalyn George, Labette County (sponsored by Triangle H)

Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship- Tyler Phillips, Mission Valley (sponsored by Kansas Corn Commission)

Diversified Crop Production Placement- Deven Foster, Labette County (sponsored by Kansas Crop Improvement Association)

Diversified Horticulture- Trenton Smedley, Cherryvale (sponsored by Hummert International)

Diversified Livestock Production- Cade Hibdon, Central Heights (sponsored by McPherson County Feeders)

Environmental Science and Natural Resource- Clayton VanMeter, Mission Valley (sponsored by Midwest Ford Dealers)

Equine Science Entrepreneurship- Kayla Olson, South Central (sponsored by Zenger Management)

Equine Science Placement- Jacob Grinstead, Buhler (sponsored United Mosquito and Fly Control, LLC.)

Forage Production- James Borgerding, Marysville (sponsored by Kansas Forage and Grassland Council, Inc.)

Forest Management and Products- Westley Jennings, Salina Central (sponsored by Landoll Corporation)

Fruit Production- Judd Nelson, Jackson Heights (sponsored by Farmway Coop)

Goat Production- Caitlin Dreher, Iola (sponsored by Animal Health International)

Grain Production Entrepreneurship- Natalie Harris, Chapman (sponsored by Kansas Wheat Commission)

Grain Production Placement- Jace Adams, Beloit (sponsored by Kansas Wheat Commission)

Home and/or Community Development- Nicolas Ferguson (sponsored by Seitz Gift Fruit, Inc.)

Outdoor Recreation- Jonathan Zimmerman, Girard (sponsored by Cargill Meat Solutions)

Poultry Production- Wyatt Anderson, Mission Valley (sponsored by Cargill Meat Solutions)

Sheep Production- Elizabeth Meyer, Marion-Florence (sponsored by Harris Show Lambs)

Small Animal Production and Care- Joel Nelson, Jackson Heights (sponsored by Animal Health International

Specialty Animal Production- Brayden Carlgren, Pike Valley (sponsored by Prairie School Farms)

Specialty Crop Production- Austin Taylor, Doniphan West (sponsored by Heritage Tractor, Inc.)

Swine Production Entrepreneurship- Hunter Johnson, Washington County (sponsored by Kansas Pork Association)

Swine Production Placement- Chancelor Duey, Washington County (sponsored by Kansas Pork Association)

Turf Grass Management- Dawson Minor, Fort Scott (sponsored by Sod Shop, Inc.)

Vegetable Production- Margaret Roth, Holcomb (sponsored by DuPont Pioneer)

Veterinary Science- Grace Luebcke, Marysville (sponsored by Kansas Veterinary Medical Association)

Wildlife Production and Management- Tanner Allen, Mission Valley (sponsored by Kansas Chapter- National Wild Turkey Federation)